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Bee-You & Bloom®   

Sowing seeds to create a brighter and wiser and future

At Bee-You & Bloom, we understand the importance of creating a place where a child can feel supported to develop a positive image of themselves. Creating a nurturing environment with the freedom to be themselves, whilst growing in independence and confidence to learn new skills. Nourishing their sense of purpose and place in the world with sensory educational experiences. The outside world can often feel like an alien and hostile place. We hope, with your help to create a sanctuary by promoting different values. 

Our vision is to create a kind, supportive, inspiring place to learn and make friendships. Exploring the natural environment with curiosity and a passion for growth whilst acquiring knowledge. We will grow and learn together, adapting our vision with our like-minded collaborators, to help bring you educational experiences that are fun and informative. We will all strive to be accountable and to make any necessary improvements wherever needed. We want to help young people tune back into nature's intelligence, grounding themselves and helping to bring their attention back to what truly matters. We believe this brings a greater sense of purpose and finding a place within the world, building resilience and hopes for a brighter future. There are many more adventures just waiting to be had, given the right tools and opportunities to make them happen. We want less importance on the fantasy and virtual reality world and more focus on having adventures right here in the natural world, to help you 'Bee You and Bloom'.

We hope through participation in our classes and courses, you will begin to reignite that spark of creativity and put that light back in your eyes that may have dimmed in recent times. We would love to help you discover goals and work towards future dreams. Creating well-rounded and suitably equipped young adults means investing properly in their future and giving them the skills and self-belief to thrive.

Our course leaders come with a wealth of experience, qualifications and talents to 'Bee-You & Bloom' to help you start to grow your own adventures and dreams. 

At Bee-You & Bloom it is our mission to create:

  • A kind, fun and supportive place to learn.

  • Bringing passion, intelligence, creativity and integrity to help develop a stimulating environment.

  • An inclusive place to inspire one another.

  • Hold one another accountable, creating a culture of open-minded individuals

  •  Try to bring out the best in one another

  • Collaborate with like-minded partners in wisdom

  • Respect our Earth home, natural resources and one another''